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Luis Casco. Hispanic Health and Beauty. August 2013

I spoke with Carolina Garcia former Editor of Hispanic Health & Beauty magazine a few weeks ago and here's an excerpt from our conversation!

Luis's beauty philosophy:
"Well, I think every woman wants to look beautiful and make an entrance. I try to create makeup that enhances a woman''s beauty and not into makeup that screams makeup!"

"Especially in cities such as Chicago and New York, and places where there's a clear change in the weather, I tell every woman they should have at least two different shades of foundation.  As Ia makeup artist, ever since I started, I've always had to blend things like foundations and powders.  I think with Latinas specifically, a lot of us Latinos have a bit more of a tendency to get spots on our skin, so it's very important that whatever it is that we are using has sunscreen in it. To me, that's an overall; that's men, that's women, that's children, that's "abuelos," that's everybody.  Everyone should be using sunscreen to avoid sunspots and discoloration on the skin," he advises.

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Hace unas semanas tuve la oportunidad de platicar con la editora de Hispanic Health & Beauty and les queria enseñar el articulo y que puedan leer una parte de lo que le dije.  Espero que les guste!

Luis compartió con nosotros su filosofía muy simple de belleza:

"Bueno, creo que toda mujer quiere lucir bella y hacer una entrada, trato de crear el maquillaje que, obviamente realza la belleza de una mujer.  No estoy necesariamente tan interesado en maquillaje que "grita" maquillaje, me interesa más un maquillaje que muestra a la mujer, lo que me parece mucho mas un cumplido cuando alguien dice. ¡"Oh Dios mío, que linda te vez!, no necesariamente, " Que color de lápiz labial es ese"?

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Maquillista Luis Casco en la revista Hispanic Health & Beauty